Galeries Lafayette Champs-Elysées - Hotel Elysées Mermoz
Après une longue période de travaux, les Galeries Lafayette ouvrent enfin sur les Champs-Elysées.

Galeries Lafayette Champs-Elysées - Hôtel Elysées Mermoz

从 26 二月 到 02 四月 2020

Then we strongly recommend you choose the Champs-Elysées district  

Which is the best hotel for shopping or visiting the sales in Paris?

从 26 二月 到 02 四月 2020

Chanel Paris, for a fashion shopping week & fashion victims! In the footsteps of Coco Chanel & Karl Lagerfeld.

Chanel Paris, for a fashion shopping week & fashion victims!

从 18 二月 到 01 二月 2020

Located just a few steps from the Champs-Elysées, Hotel Elysées Mermoz **** offers you a visit of the emblematic and interesting places of its dist...

Hotel Elysées Mermoz unveils the Guerlain Champs-Elysées boutique!

从 07 九月 到 02 四月 2020

Louboutin - a Parisian mark of luxury

Christian Louboutin Saint-Honoré - Hotel Elysées Mermoz

从 21 二月 到 02 四月 2020

At only 10 minutes from the Elysées Mermoz**** Hotel, we highly recommend you stop off at the buzzing Abercrombie & Fitch store.

Abercrombie & Fitch Champs-Elysées

从 21 二月 到 02 一月 2020

If you feel in need of an expertly done massage, then we can highly recommend a spa that is only a few steps from the hotel.  

Dessange International SPA

从 21 二月 到 02 一月 2020

A trip to Paris is often synonymous with a festive or professional event.  

Dessange International Paris

从 21 二月 到 02 一月 2020

Patrick Roger could be the Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Patrick Roger : the chocolate sculptor

从 21 二月 到 02 一月 2020

Following in the footsteps of four generations of bakers and pastry chefs in Alsace, Pierre Hermé is, undoubtedly, one of the most talented.

Pierre Hermé

从 17 二月 到 02 一月 2020

Created in 1862, the tearoom Ladurée Royale is without a doubt one of the most beautiful in Paris.


从 17 二月 到 02 一月 2020

In front of the Tuileries gardens, under the arcades of the rue de Rivoli, hides Angelina.


从 17 二月 到 02 一月 2020

Don’t we all hanker after really special souvenirs of Paris which are original, fashionable and made in France?  


从 17 二月 到 02 一月 2020

If you like anything to do with fashion and beauty, you are just going to adore this totally new concept of a store off the elegant Avenue des Cham...


从 17 二月 到 02 一月 2020

While the stroke of midnight is coming, you are desperately looking for the dress that will make you spend a happy and lucky year?

Claudine Ivari Princess dresses for NYE

从 17 二月 到 02 一月 2020

How can one travel while staying in Paris? By visiting the Barbara Rihl boutique near the Concorde.

Barbara Rihl

从 17 二月 到 02 一月 2020

Tara Jarmon launches Mademoiselle Tara Every Parisian woman knows Tara Jarmon!

Tara Jarmon

从 17 二月 到 02 一月 2020

Take it from the top! Come and choose the shoe of your dreams from this famous Swiss designer in his rue Matignon boutique conveniently steps away ...

Walter Steiger

从 17 二月 到 02 一月 2020

Been dreaming of Louis Vuitton Paris, LV Now or the Maison Louis Vuitton?  

Elysées Mermoz hotel near Louis Vuitton store

从 17 二月 到 02 四月 2020

Are you coming to Paris to shop? Are you looking for the nearest Hermès shop?  

Hermès Paris and Shopping in Paris!

从 17 二月 到 02 四月 2020

Discover the exotic in the heart of Paris. Take time out of the frenetic pace of the Parisian experience and step into the Sultane Saba Spa for ...

Sultane de Saba Spa

从 17 二月 到 02 一月 2020

The well-known brand of tea “Kusmi Tea”, created in St.Petersburg in 1867 and based in Paris in 1917, opened “Café Kousmichoff” in 2013.

Café Kousmichoff “Kusmi Tea”

从 16 二月 到 02 一月 2020





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