What Photography Can Do For Art

From 12 october 2017 to 31 december 2018

Art en Suite / Élysées Mermoz Hotel presents , on an idea by Sylvain Sorgato




A photograph collection of exhibition set-ups taken by exhibition makers.


Encis Bernadas - Olivier Breuil - Romain Cattenoz - Nicolas Chesnais - Christian Giordano - Anonymous Arthandler - Noé Nadaud - Émilie Poisson - Nikolas Polowski - Ludovic Poulet - Sylvain Sorgato


Exhibition from 12 October to 12 December 2017

Hôtel Elysées-Mermoz 30, rue Jean Mermoz 75008 Paris

The exhibition has received the friendly support of CIRCAD

Photography can make it possible to reveal to the public the sensitive power that works of art express in this temporary situation, which is theirs when setting up the exhibition.

After Art declared itself conceptual and possibly immaterial; at a time when Western society is wondering what it will be able to do with all the objects it has produced, and while a number of people discuss the rights and duties of work, it seemed interesting to me to show some of the documents that exhibition makers have taken as if they were trophies, which indicate the intensely sensitive experience of the relationship with the works as they are being installed.


1946: After being evacuated during the Second World War, the Mona Lisa is returned to the Louvre

The photographs presented in the exhibition were all taken by workers when carrying out their duties. As such, these photographs could be seen as being something forbidden and yet something prevents us from condemning them. This is presumably due to the charm expressed by the works and that these documents convey.

While the Mona Lisa is only a painting, it is then again so much more than a painting. It is unveiling the secrets of setting up an exhibition, which the public has never had access to and this exhibition wishes for everyone to bear witness.