L'avaleur de langage ment

From 14 october 2016 to 19 january 2017

"The Elysées Mermoz hotel is offering this autumn 2016 the works of artists involved in the changes of their time.
Far from an acultured Street Art, the works presented here have also ceased to shelter under the now obsolete autonomy of the work of art, to reinvest the public space and to remind us of the joys of language and sociability. .
The public space would be the place of an act and not only that of our transits. We would stop there, for a moment at least, passing from user to inhabitant. It would be a space of freedom (without warning), it would be enough to replicate and the beautiful ordering (power - capital - trade) would be turned upside down: I do what I want.
To browse on the squares, to find there for the expression a moment which brings a new dimension to the place. From the margin to reach the heart.
Something here would have been done: directly. A personal commitment.
Something that stains. Something to be scolded on the way home.
That is to say: in painting. "

Sylvain Sorgato


                                                                   Pierre Fraenkel


                                    La Furieuse Company pour l'Hôtel Elysées Mermoz