EXHIBITION From one Bank to the Other

From 23 march 2018 to 07 june 2018

"From on Bank to the Other" gathers around a set ofphotos of Jean Rault artworks by Sophie Chaintrier - Estampe & Co.- Julian Opie and Julie Savoye.



Estampe & Co. Amazonia : Arqueiro wallpaper (Amazon Green) 2016      Sophie Chaintrier: peinture acrylique sur papier


Julian Opie. View of boats on lake Motosu below Mount Fuji from Route 709, 2009                                     

Jean Rault. Le potager du Roi, vue 36, 1993-1997                                                                Julie Savoye. Dessin Mural, 2018 - Jean Rault. Le potager du Roi