Sans Clou ni Vis - Extension until 3/17/2019

From 26 september 2018 to 02 april 2020

Christoph Hinterhuber - Hôtel Elysées Mermoz

Sans Clou ni Vis

An exhibition with a high level of labor

John M. Armleder - Christoph Hinterhuber - Gwendal Lego - Oscar Malessène

based on an idea by Sylvain Sorgato

Opening Thursday, 18th October at 6:00 p.m.

Exhibition from October 18th 2018 to March 17, 2019

Elysées-Mermoz**** Hotel

30, rue Jean Mermoz

75008 Paris

Culture is a survival strategy. It encourages the circulation of useful information, helping human groups to adapt themselves to the changing conditions of the spaces where they live.

Culture is the best means that Homo sapiens has found for integrating their behaviours into the world and fostering the development of their species over face of the earth.

Art contributes to the fulfilment of this strategy by offering percepts and concepts.

Artistic activity is not static: it's an ever changing recipe, ceaselessly altering to reflect the additions of those who, throughout history, have claimed to contribute to the cultural dynamic.

It is through their works that artists contribute to the development of culture. The importance of this contribution is what justifies the circulation of works of art: because they allow us to better understanding of a world we have made our own, one that from now on is our responsibility.

Sans Clou ni Vis is an exhibition that claims to objectively demonstrate the contribution of the exhibited works to the development of a contemporary culture.

John M. Armleder
Born in 1948, lives in Geneva

John M. Armleder's work is above all an effort to transform that status of a work of art through how it is perceived and received. The complexity of the relations that an artwork can have with different places and the interactions that it provokes are at the centre of the artist's work. (Wikipedia)



No title, 2012, reactualization 2018
Wall painting, 45 shades of acrylic paint, composition variable, 200 x 200 cm
Price of artwork: €100,000
Reactualization: €4,000


Christoph Hinterhuber
Born in 1969, lives in Innsbruck

WONDERLAND (2018 re-edit)
Wall painting, three colours, different sizes
Artwork price: €12,000
Reactualization: €4,000

SUNRISE (2018 re-edit)
Wall painting, three colours, different sizes
Artwork price: €12,000
Reactualization: €4,000


Wall painting, black aerosol paint, 37 x 30 cm, 2015, reactualization 2018

Gwendal Lego

Born in 1973, lives in Paris



Four Glyphs, 2018
Buffered acrylic paint, variable dimensions
Price of the work: 100,00 € (for three Stampöns)
The discount price is included in the purchase price of the work


Oscar Malessène

Born in 1981, lives and works in Paris


Sans Titre, 2018
Peinture murale, 100 x 710 cm
Prix de l’oeuvre : 10 000,00 €
Réactualisation : 4 000,00 €