Soo Kyoung Lee | Une pause a l’hôtel

29 March 2012
29 March 2012

from 29/03/2012 to 13/05/2012

Soo Kyoung LEE seeks in the finiteness of the painting and in the creation of tension between shapes to multiply perceptions, and possibilities of approach. She makes out of the painting a world of monads engendering an atmosphere – something that emerges and surrounds, that touches while keeping its mystery. A painterly scale with endless interpretations. Because painting cannot be told. Cannot be decoded. Does not represent. It is a secret palimpsest. That affirms itself and is evasive. As soon as shaped, the painting exteriorizes itself, it becomes an entity. It materializes what is at stake. It contains it. The construction of the painting and the construction of self are elaborated together, in adversity. The physicality of painting constructs what is here and now in existence. Constructs itself here and now. The painting is not the representation of another existence – ideal or dreamt– nor the symbol of some other place. Adverseness is close.
Résumé of the text written by Célia Charvet

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