20 August 2013

A new slant on contemporary art

Opened in April 2012 by Eric Dereumaux and Eric Rodrigue this innovative gallery takes a new perspective on contemporary art exhibiting work of talented artists including Georges Rousse and Françoise Petrovitch. These two forward thinking founders have acquired a space in Ivry-sur- Seine, a suburb south of Paris entitled “Generator RX” where they have set up residencies for their chosen artists. Painting and photography are its principal vocation. From 7th September to 6th October 2012 they are exhibiting the works of Cedric Teisseire who himself co-founded a similar enterprise, La Station in Nice, France. By encouraging artists to invite their like-minded friends to show their creations at these temporary exhibitions, the RX Gallery confirms its place on the artistic and creative front in contemporary art circles.

The Gallery is free and open from Tuesday to Saturday 14h00 to 19h00.

Galerie RX

6, avenue Delcassé
75008 Paris
T.: +33 (0)1 45 63 18 78

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