20 August 2013

The Crazy Horse : In celebration of Women.

This is the time to book a seat at the Crazy Horse and enjoy the brand new show, “Desire”, staged by talented Philippe Découflé and directed by Ali Madhavi. This ultra modern, beautifully orchestrated, exquisitely sophisticated show is, simply, pure glamour.
Thirsty for more? Innovation is always at the fore at the Crazy Horse with their new 3D film called FIRE (FEU) available on the Akuentic booking network and created by famous shoe creator Christian Louboutin and directed by Bruno Hullin. Based on the cabaret show from March to May 2012 at the Crazy Horse Saloon, this new cinematic experience in which David Lynch and Patricia Folly collaborate introduces four eclectic tableaux influenced by, for example, hip hop culture and even famous master paintings! The fusion of the stiletto and the red soles indeed….
The Crazy Horse needs neither recommendation, nor comment. It is pure visual pleasure says the ArtEnsuite Blog. In 2013, Go Crazy !

Crazy Horse

12 avenue Georges V
75008 Paris

Métro : Alma-Marceau

Tél . : 33 (1) 47 23 32 32


For information and ticket reservations, log on to www.akuentic.com to buy all your tickets for cultural events in the cinema. FIRE (FEU) will also be on general release in 2013.

Crédits photos : Antoine Poupel

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