10 December 2013

The well-known brand of tea “Kusmi Tea”, created in St.Petersburg in 1867 and based in Paris in 1917, opened “Café Kousmichoff” in 2013. Situated on the first floor of “Kusmi tea’s” boutique, “Café Kousmichoff” is an ideal place for tasting tea, for a business meeting, a lunch or quick dinner, or even for having a drink at the end of the day. The atmosphere is very pleasant within a subdued yet at the same time, chic and cosy atmosphere. The restaurant’s menu shows their pride in the Russian origins of the brand, offering Café Kousmichoff “Kusmi Tea”.

The dish named Anastasia (smoked salmon, royal crab, taramasalata, salmon eggs and blinis), the tsar of salads, or even the cocktail called Kusmiroska (Vodka, Grey Goose, Tea, Prince Wladimir and Grapefruit juice). The “Café Kousmichoff” is situated 10 minutes’ walk from the Hotel Elysées-Mermoz.

Open daily from 8am to 11pm
Le Café Kousmichoff
71, avenue des Champs-Elysées
75008 Paris
Lara Martin / Hotel Elysées Mermoz****
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