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30 July 2013
30 July 2013

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“Michel Duport” by Michel Duport
from 17/12/2013 to 02/03/2014

« Toward the end of the 80s, the painted picture got « blown up » so to speak, it became a volume beyond the traditional rectangle, it took on the status of an object (ultimately decorative and useless…). But has not painting always had a decorative « function » ? Is not the painter’s rôle to put one color next to another (suite : the minimum of the painter) ? Is that the object of painting ?
The picture/volume often adopts the form of a shelf on which other forms, whether colored or not, find their place. The possible moves of « picture/volumes » parody the painter’s hesitation when building up the picture.
The forms imply decisions (cuts, slippages, overlaps) and drawings. These also take the direction of the object… Poured into aluminum or bronze casts, the drawings materialize beyond the tracings that were their birth.
Michel Duport »

Galerie Hôtel Elysées Mermoz

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