Margaret Dearing | Erosions

24 May 2012
24 May 2012

milieufrom 24/05/2012 to 31/08/2012

Erosions presents photographs from different series that are linked by the chosen disposition in the exhibition space.
These images show suspended and in-between moments. They suggest the instant before or after an important, unexplained, dramatic event, probably decisive for the characters one encounters in the images. Emotionally distancing themselves from their environment, they seem trapped in their thoughts, as one could be prior to taking a decision and taking action.
The buildings, possible living spaces, also seem to be on hold.

The swirl of a river, the erosion of mountains or of a solitary rock island refer to the mean movements that shape landscapes, in another duration than the instant in which the characters are represented. A mineral, misty landscape gives a counterpoint, suggesting a possible exodus.

As in film-stills, from an imaginary movie, the elements visible in the photographs become clues for the viewer to create a fiction from what remains unseen.

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