Koyo Hara

11 September 2012
11 September 2012

Affiche_Koyo-Harafrom 11/09/2012 to 21/10/2012

My work is a playful attempt to revive a genre that is currently “repressed”: gestural abstract painting.
Choosing to work in cameo from a pure color mixed with white, allows me to rid myself of the problem of emotional interference which can be associated with a colored composition. This creates a distancing from a physical and impulsive practice.
Primary or complementary colors, stripped of elegance, are only chosen for their visual impact. The base color is a constructive constraint that determines the format as well as the style.
At first, the stridency of the cameo confers on the painting the presence of an object. Then, the flatness gives the impression of an image of a painting. Finally, it is possible to experience depth and light.
My paintings are mental spaces where ornamental temptation is constantly neutralized by a will of indifference, in an interplay of construction and deconstruction of a pictorial memory.
A selection of recent works and new pieces will be shown in this exhibition.

January 2012

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