Jérôme Boutterin | Si j’avais un inconscient je le saurais

13 September 2011
13 September 2011

22-redWfrom 13/09/2011 to 14/10/2011


“The painter Jérôme Boutterin is wary of painting but, nonetheless, in no way does he desire to leave it be. He alludes to the heroic abstraction, the spontaneous and immediate gesture, the potency of the infinite “overall”- and presents it all as a refraction, a simulation, a quest for meaning of an autonomous painting situated between abstraction and newfound reality.
The unrestrained momentum of his painting is bridled only with difficulty through the intelligence which he dissects the foundations of his work. At the end of an examination into the potentialities of abstract painting that has persisted for both generations and decades, nothing is new or self-evident anymore. But the elements can be found, as in the case of Jérôme Boutterin, with sovereign ease and almost in passing, assembled anew in a fresh, surprising entirety.”

“The “monochromes” avail themselves indeed to only one single unadulterated colour, but what they depict is anything but a homogeneous, monochromatic surface: the apparently intact composition reveals itself as a labyrinthine inter-related reticulation of framentary abbreviations – a horror vacui of painting, a bulging depositery ready to burst – in which the individual gesture, and the juxtaposition of the seemingly directionless experimentation of disparate brushwork, rocaille and lines, surfaces and hachure, metamorphoses into prodigously dynamic celebration of the putatively pure colour and its contaminates – or, better, its mutability in application and handling. The colour discloses all its factitious sensuality, confidently inflecting its palette of possibilities.”

Dr Martin Engler, head of Painting and sculpture after 1945. Städel Museum, Frankfurt / Main.

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