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21 November 2009
21 November 2009

Eric travelling Robofrom 21/11/2009 to 31/01/2010

Born in Montreal and having lived in New York, The Hague and now Paris, Eric Cloutier is the perfect model of the urban nomad for whom the journey is the key motivation of his existence. Leading an artistic life at the same time as pursuing a career in finance, he finds it important to understand the city in which he is living. For him, each town has its own energy and personality. It is the memories of his travels that form the heart of his artworks, a mix of photography, drawing and graphic design. Modern, his works are inhabited by robots, a nod to his childhood during which he collected vintage robots.

“Traveling Robots arises from a personal interpretation of different places I have lived in or visited. These locations are the protagonists of my art. The robots, curious and humorous, also travel across my artworks, replacing me in telling the story of my observations and memories”, says the artist. We can observe that the artwork representing London refers to the cover of the album “Abbey Road” by the Beatles. Inspired by Japanese futuristic art and the representation of surreal universes by artists such as David LaChapelle and Matthew Barney, Eric Cloutier’s works are resolutely contemporary and high-tech. For instance, the artwork of Montreal, in which a giant iPod is walking a dog robot on a leash, evokes the Summer music scene of the city.

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